About us

The Westminster Italian Conservative Group, part of the Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Association, was founded in July 2015 with the aim to create a bridge between the Italian community in London and across the UK and the Conservative Party at all levels, from local activists and members to the national decision-makers.

The Italian Conservative Group is a political organisation dedicated to preserving, promoting and celebrating the rich culture and heritage of Italy and its people within the framework of values and guiding principles of the Conservative Party, to promote the instances of the Italian community in the UK, and to encourage participation, engagement and involvement of Italian nationals in public life.

Our goal is to give a stronger voice to local Italian businesses, cultural organisations and community events that are akin to the Conservative values.

The Italian Conservative Group is a strong supporter of Conservative values and policies, it strives to make sure the Italian community is involved in all aspects of British public life, and does so by campaigning for Conservative Party candidates at local and national elections and through organising a number of events throughout the year.

The Italian Conservative Group welcomes all UK Conservative supporters of the Italian community.