Dr. Maurizio Bragagni MBA - Principal Patron

Dr. Maurizio Bragagni MBA

Born of Italian origin, Dr Maurizio Bragagni began his career working all over the world, from Europe to the Middle and Far East of Asia.

An Industrialist, in the later part of the 2000s, Dr Bragagni moved his headquarters and main interests to settle in London, England. Since then he has developed an interest in new industrialisation in the UK. 

In 2000, Dr Bragagni obtained a Masters in Law at the University of Pisa, and most recently, in 2016 he completed an MBA degree at the Cass Business School in London. 

From an early age, Dr Bragagni has supported and continues to be an active member of the Conservative Party. 

Dr Bragagni is the Vice Present of PEMA, (Port Euipment Manufacturers Association), and the Chairman and co-founder of CAFC (Cass Alu 9 Friends of Conservative). He is also the co founder of the Italian Society of Cass Business School. 

In addition, Dr Bragagni is the founder of several start-up companies.